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How “The Population Bomb” bombed & Paul Ehrlich Primed People For Climate Change Skepticism

UPDATE: An article in the New York Times today — The Unrealized Horrors of Population Explosion — resonated with a piece I wrote on April 5 of this year about the way that Paul Ehrlich’s over-the-top catastrophe predictions laid the foundations for public skepticism on climate change. My original article begins below.   Paul Ehrlich […]

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Lewis Perdue – Investigative Reporting Experience

See also: Lewis Perdue, Co-Author Lewis Perdue’s investigative reporting experience dates from 1970 and continues to the present as co-founder of the Stealth Syndromes Project. His most internationally prominent investigative reporting came in Washington D.C. when, as a freelancer for Jack Anderson, he played a major role in breaking the Koreagate Congressional payoff scandals. The […]

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Small Exposures Don’t Matter (Ah, But They Do)

Improbably Small, Exquisitely Complicated, Incredibly Fragile = Easy To Disrupt It’s hard to imagine how such impossibly small amounts of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDCs) can harm you. But they can because your cells are complicated and fragile in ways that are also hard to imagine. But remember: Hormone Disruptors are active in the same incredibly […]

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