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The Amounts Are Too Small To Matter (A Deadly Misconception)

Improbably Small, Exquisitely Complicated, Incredibly Fragile = Easy To Disrupt It’s hard to imagine how such impossibly small amounts of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDCs) can harm you. But they can because your cells are complicated and fragile in ways that are also hard to imagine. But remember: Hormone Disruptors are active in the same incredibly […]

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Can’t Really Rely On Lab Rat Tests

Hormone Disruptor skeptics frequently say that, “Rats and humans are too different for us to base regulatory decisions on experiments using rodents.” And, they add, “There are no controlled experiments with humans because that would be unethical.” Really? Every human in America today is a lab rat in an uncontrolled, un-consenting,  stealth Hormone Disruptor experiment. […]

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